Proper Attribution

Proper Attribution of Intellectual Property

All EOS Implementers must pay close attention to the content they create. It is important to maintain consistency with the EOS brand, to give proper credit to EOS intellectual property, and to be sure that you do not misrepresent your role with EOS Worldwide.

The Intellectual Property created by Gino Wickman and protected by EOS Worldwide includes content found in Base Camp, in EOS books, and on the EOS Worldwide website and mobile app. Replicating that content for your own use is forbidden.

Official Terminology

The full company name is EOS Worldwide, and should be used for all references to our company. The system should be referred to as the Entrepreneurial Operating System® or EOS®. Traction is the name of the book - please do not refer to the process or system as “Traction” or the “Traction System”.

Crediting EOS as a Source for Content

When authoring your own content (announcements, website pages, newsletters, articles, blogs, etc.), be sure to include appropriate acknowledgments and add a hyperlink to the EOS Website ( when quoting EOS content. If you plan to author a significant work such as an eBook or book, you must submit your content for review and approval by EOS Worldwide to avoid unintentionally violating intellectual property, trademark, or copyright terms. When in doubt, ask.

Proper Attribution of EOS Worldwide Intellectual Property

Use of any copyrighted or trademarked terms in any text or graphics should also give proper acknowledgment to EOS Worldwide. Include trademark or copyright symbols on the first instance that a term is mentioned on a page or document. There is no need to use the symbol on every instance of the term in that document or page.

Registered and Common Law Trademarks

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